Montimage Monitoring Tool (MMT)

Bring application intelligence to your network traffic analysis.

About MMT

MMT is a monitoring solution that combines:

Through its real-time and historical views, MMT facilitates network performance monitoring and operation troubleshooting. With its advanced rules engine, MMT can correlate network and application events in order to detect performance, operational and security incidents. An easy-to-use customizable user interface makes MMT suitable for different user needs.

Solution Overview

MMT is composed of three complementary, yet independent, modules:

  • MMT-Extract is the core packet processing module, it is a C library that analyses network traffic using Deep Packet and Flow Inspection (DPI/DFI) techniques in order to extract hundreds of network and application based events, measure network and per-application QoS/QoE parameters and KPIs.
  • MMT-Sec is an advanced rule engine that analyses and correlates network and application events to detect performance, operational and security incidents. It is powered with self-learning capabilities (both supervised and unsupervised) to derive the baseline network and application parameters for dynamic threshold based analysis and analysis of encrypted flows.
  • MMT-Operator collects and aggregates extracted data, generates network and application statistics, and presents them via a graphical user interface. MMT-Operator is customizable: the user can define new statistics to be collected and configure new views or customize the large list of predefined ones.