MMT-AM: MMT for Additive Manufacturing


Recent improvements in Additive Manufacturing (AM) technique of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) has led to its great popularity in a variety of disciplines, from medical to aerospace. In spite of much progress in the SLM processes, the problem with quality, reproducibility and catching the defects early still persists. Importantly, while the process has high potential for defects and failure during manufacturing, such failure in the process can be extremely costly. Therefore, one of the biggest needs in AM today is the requirement for improved and automated process monitoring to reduce costs, increase reliability, and traceability in regulated environments. Montimage is developing a solution that aims to target exactly these demands.

Solution overview

The solution we are building is dedicated to Renishaw machines but can be ported to other equipment (contact us for more information). It relies on our experience and knowhow in Machine Learning (ML), complex data processing, and real-time monitoring of complex systems. The solution, called MMT-AM, includes a cloud-based process model of the AM technology to monitor the process layer-by-layer and ensure reliable production. The developed model utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect important outputs of the modelled process and identify potential defects. The computation of such highly complex models requires expensive hardware but use of a cloud platform can enable faster computation of model outputs.

MMT-AM in 3 steps

  • Upload your data.
  • Select the type of analysis and ML model you want to use or train your own ML model.
  • Obtain reports containing visualisations and statistics that will allow assessing that the quality of the products being manufactured meets the requirements.
  • Architecture

    Advantages of our solution

    Easy-to-use and well-developed analysis of production builds.
    Increased quality of final product.
    Proof-of-concept anomaly detection in printing processes.
    Reduction of time and resources wasted on faulty products.
    Easier control and monitoring of the Additive Monitoring process.

    Easy to use

    No additional softwares to be installed on your systems

    Compatible with most OS and devices

    Available from Anywhere

    Application on the cloud allows for easy access from everywhere

    All in one

    No need for additional computing or analytical resources