Cloud Computing

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What is Cloud Computing

Existing monitoring solutions to assess security and performance can still be used in virtualized environments and mainly for multi-cloud based applications. Nevertheless, existing solutions need to be adapted and correctly controlled since they were meant mostly for physical and not virtual systems and boundaries, and do not allow fine-grained analysis adapted to the needs of cloud and virtualized networks.
The lack of visibility and controls on internal virtual networks, and the heterogeneity of devices used make many performance assessment applications ineffective. On one hand, the impact of virtualization on these technologies needs to be assessed. For instance, QoS monitoring applications need to be able to monitor virtual connections. On the other hand, these technologies need to cope with ever-changing contexts and trade-offs between the monitoring costs and the benefits involved. Here, virtualization of application component facilitates changes, making it necessary for monitoring applications to keep up with this dynamicity.

Solutions such as Ceilometer, a monitoring solution for OpenStack, provide efficient collection of metering data in terms of CPU and network costs. However, it is focused on creating a unique contact point for billing systems to acquire all of the measurements they need, and it is not oriented to perform any action to try to improve the metrics that it monitors. Furthermore, security issues are not considered. StackTach is another example oriented to billing issues that monitors performance and audits the OpenStack’s Nova component. Similarly, but not specifically oriented to billing colectd gathers system performance statistics and provides mechanisms to store the collected values. A recent project from OPNFV, named Doctor, is focused on the creation of a fault management and maintenance framework for high availability of network services on top of virtualized infrastructures. Montimage provides an advanced security monitoring solution for multi-cloud applications. This solution combines events coming for the network side, others from the applications and systems logs running if the cloud infrastructures to be able to detect advanced security threats in the multi-cloud based environment.