Security SLAs

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About Security SLAs

The adoption of the cloud computing paradigm has opened new business possibilities thanks to the virtual availability of huge computing resources at a low cost. However, at the same time, many potential users are still reluctant to move their critical data and applications to commercial clouds, due to a substantial lack of trust in providers for what regards security. Currently in fact, cloud security is still considered one of the factors inhibiting the widespread adoption of the cloud computing paradigm.
The need for guarantees, not only regarding security, has urged the introduction of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in the cloud context. SLAs are formal contracts documenting the features of delivered services and related performance (and Quality of Service (QoS)) expectations, the so called Service Level Objectives (SLOs). Moreover, they explicitly take into account responsibilities, obligations, service pricing and penalties in case of agreement violations.
Montimage designed and implemented an assurance platform that allow to check that Security SLAs are fully respected during runtime and notifies different stakeholders about any foreseen incident or detected flaw in order to maximize the trust on cloud based environments.