Instant elastic & automated core network appliance

What is EPC-in-a-box?

EPC-in-a-box is a new 4G/5G-ready Evolved Packet Core solution jointly commercialised by Montimage and Cumucore (https://cumucore.com/).

Network core features:
  • Flexible, agile, scalable 4G and 5G-ready core;
  • Reduce high upfront investments in the core;
  • Pay as you grow based on actual used capacity;
  • Reduce OPEX due to better automation and more optimized network;
  • Integrated with software-defined networking and network function virtualization;
  • Improve operator ARPU by enabling personalized services to their customers;
  • Fast deployment in 5 minutes;
  • IoT ready network infrastructure (slicing, efficiency);
  • Reliable and robust core for emergency and safety networks;
  • Future proof with extensions to become 5G core.

Integration with optimized services; caching, content delivery, IPTV and OTT services:
  • Traffic savings in packet core of up to 40%;
  • End-to-end latency reduced by 60%.

Network monitoring features:
  • Intelligent distributed monitoring agents;
  • Fine-grained and configurable network visibility;
  • Security and performance monitoring based on DPI and machine learning;
  • Automated management and control;
  • Customizable dashboards to define new collected statistics and configure new views or customize a large list of predefined ones;
  • Dynamically updated topology: information, statistics, configuration of eNodeBs, MMEs and UEs.