Protecting endpoint devices from APSs and 0-day attacks

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What is MMT-APS

MMT-APS (Montimage’s Monitoring Tool for Advanced Persistent Security) is a new game-changing product. MMT-APS's ambition is providing users with a very novel way to deal with Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) & 0-day attacks that is not available in products today. The main innovation is the introduction of a patented technique that allows separating legitimate network traffic from malicious or unnecessary traffic. This is done by enabling the analysis and correlation of activity in the user devices (activity of the user, system and installed applications) with the network traffic activity to determine its origin. This allows protecting the user device connected to the network by blocking all network traffic coming in and going out that has not been initiated or authorised by the user, the system or the applications performing their normal activities.

Different MMT-APS architectural variants:

Detecting abnormal or malicious network activity is very challenging. Today, the techniques used are mainly based on the detection of known attack signatures and behaviour anomalies (e.g., as done by Intrusion Detection Systems) but 0-day & APT are not sufficiently detected by existing techniques. These solutions depend on known threats that are blocked. They do not survey user and computer system activity to correlate it with the network traffic events that allows to exhaustively separate legitimate from abnormal or unwanted traffic.

Hardware and packaging layout diagram: