An industrial-level solution to manage home networks

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The Internet offers a huge amount of advantages: communication, entertainment, sharing moments and work with friends or colleagues. However, the unlimited types of content the Internet can offer introduce security risks and might is not always be ideal for the whole family.

What is MMT-Box?

MMT-Box is a Raspberry Pi-based box connected to your Internet router that allows managing your home network. It embeds industrial-level software developed by Montimage that allows you to:

  • Analyze how your Internet connection is used.
  • Block certain types of content (sites, applications, social networks).
  • Allow applications and services in your network.
  • Block ads embedded in web-pages.
  • Establish parental control on all your home devices.

All these functionalities are embedded in the MMT-Box, requiring no initial configuration to start protecting your home users.

Why MMT-Box?

Multiple products are available on the Internet that allow one to partially manage Internet, however they all have limitations depending on the nature of the solution. Software solutions only protect the device where you install the software, requiring advanced skills to correctly install and configure it. In the case of hardware solutions, most are based on routers, allowing filtering of some sites and sometimes need to be handled manually. In addition, the configuration of these boxes is complicated, requiring technical knowledge to succeed. MMT-Box addresses these challenges by offering an all-in-one solution for home network managing, embedding an industrial-level managing software in a centralized security box. By connecting directly to the Internet router and providing an optimized WiFi access for the home, MMT-Box is capable of securing all home devices with a single, easy-to-use interface that enables to easily configure it for your needs.

MMT-Box in detail :

  1. Industrial-level monitoring technology
    The software embedded in MMT-Box is based on the Montimage Monitoring Tool. This tool is capable of efficiently and effectively classifying and analyzing gigabits of data per second, offering network statistics and detecting security issues in an on-demand basis. For MMT-Box, this technology has been specially tailored for home users, optimizing the analysis and classifications techniques to offer a simple, yet reliable and powerful monitoring and management network solution.

  2. Network Statistics
    MMT-Box uses advanced monitoring techniques to analyze the network flows. It will actively analyze the amount of data exchanged, what devices are the origin of the communications, what are the destinations, and what type of content is being transferred. All this information is collected passively on the fly, without impacting the connected devices. Once collected, this information is aggregated in the same box (your information never leaves your box), and is displayed in the web-based interface

  3. Blocking and allowing content, sites and applications
    The technology embedded in MMT-Box continuously analyses the data being transferred, allowing the classification of the traffic. In this sense, MMT-Box also identifies the type of the content, what site is being accessed, and the type of application used. This data is part of the network statistics, and it represents crucial information used when defining the allowed or blocked content types.

  4. Ads-removal
    Since MMT-Box is always analyzing your network data, it is capable of identifying addresses that deliver ads. Using this technology, MMT-Box is capable of identifying ads and effectively blocking them, allowing you a more pleasant navigation experience.

  5. Parental Control Mode
    Last but not least, the embedded monitoring technology allows you to set parental control rules, that are actively enforced by MMT-Box. The rules use the same information actively extracted by the MMT-Box, offering you the capability to manage:

    • The content being accessed.
    • The sites being accessed.
    • The applications in use
    • The time slots an application, content or application is allowed or not.