Edge/Fog Computing

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About Edge/Fog Computing

Edge/Fog computing provides the missing link in the cloud-to-thing continuum. It is a critical architecture for today’s connected world as it enables low latency, reliable operation, and removes the requirement for persistent cloud connectivity to address emerging use cases in Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality and Tactile Internet applications.

Edge/Fog architectures selectively move compute, storage, communication, control, and decision making closer to the network edge where data is being generated and used. This solves the limitations in current infrastructure to enable mission-critical, data-dense use cases.

Montimage offers an EPC-in-a-box that is a new 4G/5G-ready Evolved Packet Core solution jointly commercialised by Montimage and Cumucore (https://cumucore.com/). This solution allows to dynamically adapt to the network/application requirement to add more computation capabilities the nearest to the end users devices.